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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.bikebike.org/ Bike!Bike! Homepage]
* [http://www.bikebike.org/ Bike!Bike! Homepage]
==See also==
*[[UK Bike Gathering 2012|UK Bike Gathering]]

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Bike!Bike! is an annual international conference of nonprofit bike collectives and other bicycle projects. It began in 2004 in New Orleans and has been hosted by a different city each year since.


The location changes from year to year with a different shop or collective hosting. In addition to New Orleans, Bike!Bike! has been held in San Francisco, Pittsburg, Minneapolis, Toronto, San Marcos, and Vancouver.

With Bike!Bike! 2013, New Orleans will be the first city to host a second time.


Generally Bike!Bike! is held at some point during the summer months, starting on a Thursday and ending the following Sunday.


Most of the funding required to host Bike!Bike! comes directly from registration fees collected from participants from the previous year. The fee is a suggested donation, usually between $25 and $45.

Responsibilities of the Host Project

A host can generally run Bike!Bike! in whatever way they may please but over the years some key features have become expected by many from the host project.

  • Providing food
  • Organizing workshops
  • Providing accommodations (organizing billeting)
  • Providing bikes for those who can't bring their own
  • Providing directions to the venues, and around town
  • Organizing group rides
  • Throwing a dance party
  • Editing bikebike.org



See also

Bike!Bike! International Conferences
Annual 2005 (New Orleans) · 2005 (Tucson) · 2006 (Milwaukee) · 2007 (Pittsburgh) · 2008 (San Francisco) · 2009 (Minneapolis) · 2010 (Toronto) · 2011 (San Marcos) · 2012 (Vancouver) · 2013 (New Orleans) · 2014 (Columbus) · 2015 (Guadalajara) · 2016 (Detroit)
Regional Southeast 2009 (Atlanta) · Southeast 2012 (Birmingham)