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Bike!Bike! Testing

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To test Bike!Bike! you can make use of the test server which you can find here: https://preview-en.bikebike.org

You can test any aspect of Bike!Bike! on this server, the server will send emails but all data is fake and you are welcome to add more fake data.

Logging in

You can create multiple accounts using one email address by inserting `+something` before the `@` symbol of your email address. For example if your email address is `me@example.com` you can use `me+test`@example.com`, `me+johndoe@example.com`, `me+test123@example.com` as login email addresses to create new users.

To log in use the 'Sign In` link at the bottom of the page, or the `Register` button on the front page if it is present. Then enter your email address and click 'Continue':

Screenshot of the sign in screen

Using the Workbench

You can access the workbench at https://workbench.bikecollectives.org, you will need to get request access if you don't have access already:

Workbench sign in page

Provide a detailed message to let us know who you are so that we we know that we can trust you:

Access request page

Viewing page copy

Once you have access, you can click on a page group and a page, there you will see a preview of many different versions of that page. You can click on a page to view it in more detail and make comments:

Page preview screenshot

Feel free to make any comments, suggestions, or questions you like here, the idea is to have an open dialog to try to improve the site.

Changing copy

If you feel that copy should be changed and doesn't need further discussion, you can edit copy by navigating back to the Bike!Bike! landing page and scrolling down to "Translations":

Translation options

From here you can select "English" (or any other language) to view all copy on the site. To find copy that you would like to have changed use your browser's page search by pressing Ctrl+F or Apple Key+F, then click on the row you would like to edit:

Edit copy

Edit the text and press "Save".