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Bike Athens Bicycle Recycling Program

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BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program
Website http://www.bikeathens.com/brp
Founded 2001
Location Athens, Georgia, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement To provide a means whereby the economically disadvantaged or underprivileged can commute to work and thereby become integrated into the community. To provide safe and reliable transportation to individuals who have affirmed that they live below the poverty line and cannot therefore afford the expense of owning and operating a personal motor vehicle. To provide a program wherein volunteers can advance their bicycle repair and maintenance skills. To fund program expenses through donations, grants, sale of bicycles and fees for services.

Bike Athens Bicycle Recycling Program, a cooperative venture with local social support agencies, distributes reconditioned bikes to individuals in the Athens community who are underserved by private and public transportation. We rely exclusively on volunteers to recondition the bikes. We have refurbished over 1000 bicycles since our program started in 2001.

Contact Info

Shop Location:
1075 W Broad St.
Athens, GA 30606
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 344
Athens, GA 30603


The BikeAthens BRP began in 2001 as a small group of friends in a garage, fixing bikes for the homeless in Athens. Years later, after occupying a storage unit, then an unconditioned warehouse space, we now have a 900 square-foot heated and cooled shop with a bathroom as well as a 2000 square-foot storage area. Thousands of volunteers have passed through the shop, most of whom started as novices and left with at least a few bike repair skills. In 2008 we added a third weekly 2.5 hour work session, and in 2012 we added a women-only work session.

Old Shop Location: 149 Tracy Street
Athens, GA 30601

Services Offered

  • Bike donations to local social service agencies
  • Seasonal bike sales to the public
  • Repairs for donation recipients and sales customers
  • Holiday Bikes for Kids: bike donations to children served by local support agencies
  • DIY Bike Repair Clinic on Thursday Nights, Open to the Public