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Bike Giveaway

Used bicycles refurbished by volunteer mechanics are given to people who meet requirements set by the organization to qualify to receive one.

R Community Bikes

Those who wish to receive a bike must obtain a referral letter from a social service agency or similar organization indicating their need for a bicycle, usually as a means of transportation. On the day of the giveaway, they must also bring a bike lock or money for a lock and chain and a form of identification for records purposes.

At the beginning of the giveaway, a lottery is drawn to determine the order in which people will receive bikes, so the opportunity to get a bike, or a certain style bike, is fair. After someone has received a giveaway bike, they may not receive another for one year unless they provide a police report regarding the theft of the first bike.

Bike giveaways are held biweekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The bikes given away are donated bikes that are refurbished by volunteer mechanics during shop hours. The goal of this service is to provide a means of transportation for those who are in need