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Bike Root

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The Bike Root
Website http://www.bikeroot.ca
Founded 2008
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Campus University of Calgary
Services Offered
Mission Statement To foster community through promotion of environmental sustainability and healthy lifestyles.

The Bike Root is a bicycle collective in Calgary, Alberta. We are focused on providing the services to students, staff, faculty, and community members from the University of Calgary campus.

Contact Info



Mailing Address

 251 MacEwan Student Center
 Box 102
 2500 University Dr, N.W.
 Calgary, AB
 Canada T2N 1N4


Something about our history.

Services Offered

Mobile Repair

The Bike Root does not regularly offer mobile repair, but often is asked to attend events and demonstrate how to repair attendees bikes. This is usually done in a hands on fashion, unless the attendee states that they have the competency to use the tools at hand.

Normally the only small repairs are performed which includes

  • pumping up tires
  • adjustments to derailleur and brake limits and barrel adjusters
  • size adjustments
  • quick cleaning
  • lubing of chain.

More complex adjustments and repairs and deemed to risky, in the past we have found ourselves not able to reassemble what we disassembled even when we had much experience with the proceedure simply becuase we did not carry spare parts or more complex tools.

Bicycle Valet

Since the summer of 2010, the Bike Root has been offering a regular bicycle valet service to our local farmers' market in Hillhurst-Sunnyside. Normally two volunteers are at hand to serve those with bikes entering the market. The service is by donation and normally brings in approximately $20-$30 a week.

Currently two handmade sandwich boards are used to support two steel tubes, supported on the opposite side by a chain link fence. The sandwich boards are made from a frame build by 1x4s and covered by plywood. Eventually we will paint the sandwich boards to reflect who we are and the service offered. Normally a tent is erected to shelter the volunteers from the sun or rain and the area is roped off to discourage people from entering.

A tagging system is used to mark the bikes. Large tags or varying colours and with varying images were made in duplicate, laminated and small clips were attached to each. The volunteer will take the client's bike, clip a tag to the bike and give the client the duplicate. The system work much in the same way as does a coat check.

Group Rides

Infrequently the Bike Root offers group rides.

Former Services Offered

In the summer of 2010, the Bike Root lost the use of their space on campus. At that time the following additional services were offered