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About Bike!Bike!

We have a page which lets users know what Bike!Bike! is.

Safer Space Policy

We have a page which let's users know what our shared safer spaces policy is.

Conference hosting

Conferences are created and at a high-level, administrated by site administrators. Finer details about the conference are administrated by conference administrators.

Create/Update conference

Site administrators are able to create new conferences. Each conference has:

  • A city
  • A type: one of annual, north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest. Annual conferences (or official conferences) are given a URL: /conferences/[City][year] while regionals are located at /conferences/[Region][year]. For example /conferences/NewOrleans2013 was an official B!B! while /conferences/Northeast2019 was a regional in Toronto.
  • A year
  • Public: Non-public conferences are only visible to site and conference administrators
  • Featured: Featured conferences are displayed on the front page


Featured conferences

Featured conferences are displayed on the front page along with their conference poster, location, and dates.

Conference list

A list of upcoming and past conferences is available along with a map of where the conferences have been. The map shows official Bike!Bike!s in orange and regionals in pink. The size of the circle is proportionate to how recent the conference was.