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(The Vienna Bikekitchen)
(The Vienna Bikekitchen)
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== Website ==
== Website ==
= [http://www.bikekitchen.net/index.php The Vienna Bikekitchen] =
= [http://www.bikekitchen.net The Vienna Bikekitchen] =
'''Goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 Wien'''<br>
'''Goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 Wien'''<br>

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The Vienna Bikekitchen

Goldschlagstraße 8, 1150 Wien
tel.: +43 676 313 94 15
Bikekitchen ReparierBAR: on thursdays 16-24h
self-help workshop: 16-20h / community: 20-24h

The bikekitchen is a public space located in the Goldschlagstraße 8, in 1150 Wien spanning a workshop, a kitchen and a lounge (a place for events). Our legal basis is a club/association but we see ourselves as a non-hierarchical, open collective. The bikekitchen is a non-profit organisation but off course we need to cover our costs (rent, tools, kitchen ...).

In the bikekitchen you can repair and destroy bikes, disassemble them and build choppers (tallbikes, longbikes, transportbikes, trailers..), drink tea, beer, make toast or cook for everyone and ride to the demo together.

important keywords:
anticapitalist , feminist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, collective, plenum, consensus, Criticalmass, DIY, solidarity, Stencil, dumpster, bar, literature, archive, bike-fetishism, bike-art, bike-fun, bike-kill, jousting, bikepolo, nightrides, demoperformance, actions, screenprinting, workshops, excursions, caravans, making and watching videos, collecting scrap, reading group, concerts, DJing, experiments of any kind,

joining in:

  • the BK is a DIY-workshop and no bikeshop and no bar. We love to help you if we can but it may happen that we don't have the time or experience to do so - you are responsible for what you do in the BK
  • the BK and tools and parts have some value. if you use the tools or parts please consider that and give some value back. we appreciate help in many kinds
    • help: you can disassemble bikes, clean and sort parts, fix tires or help out at the bar.
    • donations in kind: we appreciate donations of parts and tools, bring them or call us so we can pick them up.
    • donations in money: we have to pay rent and energy and need to replace tools and consumables. to cover these expenses you will find a donation box in the BK.
  • About every two or three weeks we hold a plenum. If you want to participate in the organization of the BK come to a plenum, help people who come to repair or at the bar or organize a workshop or an event.
  • The BK is strictly anti-sexist, anti-racist and non-violent. WITHOUT COMPROMISE! If you feel threatened and nobody supports your position feel free to contact one of the team and you will get support. sexist, racist and violent assaults can and will result in an order to stay away temporarily or permanently.

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