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Community Bicycle Network

The Community Bicycle Network is a non-profit cycling promotion organization in Toronto, Canada.


CBN works to stimulate, support and link together a wide range of community-based bicycle initiatives in the City of Toronto. CBN houses an array of activities from repair and skills workshops, bike promotion programs and bicycle recycling efforts, to urban revitalization activities. CBN serves as a community resource and offers an accessible, affordable place for community groups concerned with sustainable transportation and urban affairs to convene. CBN operates with the support of scores of regular volunteers and the generous contributions from individuals and organizations. CBN’s core mission is to make sustainable, community-friendly transportation accessible to all in the city of Toronto.


Currently CBN has two programs: Wenches with Wrenches and ToolWorks. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and political will, our very popular and internationally known Bikeshare program had to close down in 2007.

Wenches with Wrenches an ongoing program of CBN volunteers who host bicycle repair workshops run by and for women in downtown Toronto. The idea has been to make basic bicycle repair skills accessible to women in the hope that participants will then share their knowledge and their confidence with others in the community

Wenches with Wrenches brings women together in a safe, non-competitive and friendly learning environment. The workshops are run by women for women because, many times, women are just more comfortable learning from other women.

ToolWorks lets you use our equipment, tools and expertise to get you on intimate terms with your bicycle. ToolWorks is located at Intersection. ToolWorks is supervised by experienced volunteers. ToolWorks provides you with:

  • repair time to tools and stands for $5 per hour
  • access to mechanic advice and help at $10 per hour


CBN is in flux at this moment so you'd have to check the website to see updated hours.


CBN is located in funky 761 Queen Street West, Suite 101; an old church converted into office and art space.


The Community Bicycle Network (CBN) was established in 1993 as a project of the Toronto Christian Resource Centre (TCRC), a charitable organization which supports and administers a number of social justice programs.

CBN operates in accordance with the policies and regulations established by TCRC. The work of CBN is guided by TCRC’s CBN Advisory Board whose members are elected annually.

The Community Bicycle Network Association, CBN's sister organization, operates under the CBN Association By-laws, and is guided in its mission by the CBN Board of Directors whose officers are elected annually by the membership, and by a Community Board, whose members are appointed annually by the CBN Board.


Community Bicycle Network

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