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[[File:FCCB Logo.jpg|300px]]
== Falls City Community Bikeworks (FCCB) ==
is a community bike shop located in the Shelby Park neighborhood of Louisville KY. We are dedicated to the idea that bikes are an excellent form of transportation, affordable and easy to acquire, and ultimately a means by which people can experience greater independence and self sufficiency. But of course, owning a bike has all these benefits only if it's working properly! And that is the main purpose of our organization - to educate people about bikes and how to maintain them.
FCCB has a two-part mission: providing the space, tools and expertise to any community member wishing to learn and practice bicycle maintenance; and channeling the donation of refurbished bicycles (and related equipment and skills) to Louisvillians in need of reliable transportation. The overriding goal is to make bicycling more affordable and widespread.
== Contact Info ==
<!--  Mailing address, or email or both    -->
1217 Logan Street
Louisville KY 40204
* Phone: 502-509-3308
* Email: fccbikeworks@gmail.com
Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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