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  top editor of the [[main page]]
  top editor of the [[Main Page]] (maybe not, since only admins can edit the main page?)
===Related Links===
===Related Links===
[[February 2016 Wiki Contest]]
[[February 2016 Wiki Contest]]

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February 2017 Love our Wiki Contest!

Welcome! Dust off your wiki login or sign up for the first time, it's that time of year. Let's show the wiki some love <3

Here's a guide on contributing to this wiki: How should I get started

If you need ideas

Some of the broken links on our wiki are things that would be better suited as external links to Sheldon Brown or Park Tool or Pedros -OR- you could do a mixed-media link to Wikipedia!

Example: [[Wikipedia:Bicycles|(bikes)]] should produce (bikes) !!

You can take a look at the list of STUBS and the list of the shortest pages, just pick an article and make it more populated with interesting facts and data.

Here are the top most wanted pages!

    • All of these pages are blank and may not be appropriate for a beginner wiki editor. However, they may also be a little less intimidating since often anything is better than nothing. Don't forget to add {{Template:Stub}}

You can also post whatever information you think is relevant and useful. Make your first edit, start a new article, or edit an existing article.

If none of those are your style, perhaps try clicking "random page" at the top right until you find something that piques your interests!

The Grand Prize

One fair trade chocolate bar each will be sent to two top editors of the bike collectives wiki in the month of February. Anywhere in the world.

The sender of the chocolate will be considering both the (subjective) quality and (objective) quantity of edits made during the month of February. There is a chocolate bar each for:

top editor of anywhere on this wiki


top editor of the Main Page (maybe not, since only admins can edit the main page?)

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February 2016 Wiki Contest