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Nuts and bolts sorting board

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I created a template to make a sorting board. Seesortboard.pdf Basically you print this. paste it on the back of some acrylic pane. (laminating it makes it last longer). Drill holes for the various nuts and bolts and glue the nuts (if you can find flange nuts they work good as you can put then thru the board and the flange will help hold it). The bolts can be fastened to the board with nuts. The top row is axles. The middle item is for a quick measurement of headset bolts. It quickly tells you whether or not the headset part is larger than normal (and therefor much more desirable to save). Note it also tells you the common usages for that bolt/nut size. Also note that each size has both a bolt and a nut above the bolt. You will find many of the sizes are very close and requires you to thread the item at least 2/3's on the nut/bolt. In fact Jam bolts often can not be distinguished. The difference between 10M 1P (basically 25.4 tpi) and 10M 26TPI is very slight but still important. This is what my sorting board looks like: FinishedSortingboard.jpg