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Rope storage for seats and other items.

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Using rope and Spokes to store items.

If your seats, freewheels, training wheels etc are getting to be to hard to search through then you may benefit by using some ropes and hooks made from spokes to store these items. You could even use these ropes to screen off areas of the shop. Here is an example of of using the ropes to store seats
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To store freewheels: 03 Rope Wall Of Freewheels.jpg

To store Training Wheels. 04 Rope Wall Of Training Wheels.jpg They can even be used to store wheels.

First you need to make a wire bending jig (unless you already have one). 05 Wire Bending Form.jpg 06 Wire Bending Form.jpg This one is made with a 2x4 (hardwood works better than softwood) and I used axles to use for bending posts. I also used a bicycle peg to make larger bends and to bend the right angle clipon hook. The posts need to be just large enough for the spoke to fit between. I cut a groove at the top of the peg to make it east to make a right angle bend. You see some glue to help strengthen the axles in the 2x4 (and because the 2x4 broke on me.

Next select some old 20" wheels to obtain spokes from. Other sizes can work depending on what size hook you need. Use a bolt cutter to cut off the thread and nipple of the spoke. (I found if you left the threads on then when you make the first bend it might break and it was harder to put it into the wire bending jig. i07 20Inch Wheel.jpg 08 Using Bolt Cutter.jpg

Now with all these spokes it is easiest to do one step at a time on ALL spokes and then more to the next. First put the cut end of the spoke between the pegs just sticking out and bend around the smallest peg to form a loop on the end This will be crimped onto the rope. 09 Start of first bend.jpg 10 End of first bend.jpg

Next bend the loop at a right angle to the rest of the spoke. 11 Start of second bend.jpg 12 End of second bend.jpg

Finally put the nob end of the spoke between the pegs and bend around the largest peg. Be sure to face it so the first loop faces away from the new curve and as positioned makes it easy to pull the spoke around. Note when you release it, it will spring back a bit. This is not a problem. 13 Start of Third bend.jpg 14 End of Third bend.jpg

Here is the finished hook. Note you can also use the jig to make a slightly different hook. This second hook works better for seats. 15 Finished Hook.jpg 16 Alternate Finished Hook.jpg

Now take a 1/4 in rope and tue knots about every 3-4 inches. When cutting the rope add about 1/3 more to the rope to allow for the knots. Tie a loop on one end. Put a wood screw where you want the rope to hang. Crimp on the hooks and hand your items on the rope. 17 Crimp Hook To Rope.jpg

We have found this has made it MUCH easier to find seats or freewheels or whatever was put on the rope but you will find the wall space quickly reduced.