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Angel York learned to ride a bike in ~1989, joined the Bike Collectives Think Tank Listserv in 2009 and this wiki in 2011.

Bike Collectives volunteered for include

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Bike Collectives visited include

  • Salt Lake Bike Collective (including getting dragged to one of their formative meetings at the Coffee Garden) 2002, I think. Oh hey, their wiki page corroborates my date. Plus a few visits in its current main location.
  • One of the ones in New Orleans, probably. If any of them existed in 2005. I was so impressed by the place, so it must have been.
  • Bike Church in Santa Cruz both at its original location on Church Street and its current home: 2005-2007
  • (The former) Davis Bike Church, 2008
  • Bikerowave in Los Angeles for Bici Bici, 2012
  • Assorted visits to the Sacramento Bike Kitchen circa 2010
  • Bike Kitchen in San Francisco, 2014
  • Our Community Bikes in Vancouver, 2014

Bike life outside of bike collectives

Bike tours longer than a few days, all on recumbents

  • Florida to California with Aaron Wickstrom, 2005
  • Toronto to Iowa with Charlie DeTar, 2006
  • SLC to Sacramento with Meara McClenahan, 2006
  • Portland to Davis with Darin Wick, 2011

My friends on the wiki (add yourself!)


Tell me about your bike collective! And/or your experience with bikes! --Angel York (talk) 16:35, 8 March 2016 (PST)