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User:BRYCC Freewheel

I have worked with the Brycc House and its community members since before it was actually the Brycc House. When the Freewheel Bike Collective was started there were many different ideas about what we would accomplish and our many patrons will gladly tell you that the project evolved through many forms of social awareness as Do-It-Yourself direct action community volunteerism. At present, the Brycc House is a community of folks who work to forward progress as individuals who donate their time and the resources of the Brycc House to a regional audience of not-for-profit entities who have proven their commitment to the shared goals of our project which is the Building Resources Yielding Cultural Change to forward sustainable choice and life style options.

Once upon a time we hosted YouthBuild Kentucky Works Employment for youth and a low power FM radio station along with a Women's Art Collective, a lending library, Tool Archive, Open Studio Arts Activities, and a wild and revolutionary theatre of the Damned. Basically we lost our shirt, our pants, and lord knows what else to those wiley anarchists that we love so well. Sadly these exploits did not afford the insurance and the mortgage of a freezing cold building in a ghetto where crime laid all souls humble with loss. We continue to seek wellness as creative expression replacing aggression, conflict resolution, healthy communications and open-minded growth of natural and community resources. If you would like to learn more or share your ideas along with your accomplishments please feel free!!!