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I am a Director and Vice President of Bike Peoria. We are a cycling advocacy and education organization based out of Peoria, IL. I am also the Co-founder of Bike Peoria Coop. The Coop has just completed it's first year of operation and is on the way to becoming a 501c3 organization. I work full time as a Mechanical Engineer and part time as shop manager for the Coop. I enjoy urban cycling for recreation, trail riding, and classic bike restoration. I believe that every bicycle deserves a second chance at life and that all bicycles are created equal. I also believe that bicycles are a not only a vehicle for transport, but also a vehicle for social change, at a personal, and societal level. The target side effect of our organization's mission is put Peoria, IL on the map as a bike-centric, bike-friendly, and bike-sexual city.