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CURRENT MISSION - Cycle from the north-pole to the south-pole (crossing the planet), play theater, and more of all: to enjoy! www.BikeTravelTheater.org (link is external) ; - Learn all Scandinavian languages perfectly; - Essentialism and minimalist, the less I own the more I am free & enjoy what really matters.

ABOUT ME I come from Belgium, I was made in Italy, I grow up around Europe and I will die as World citizen. - Smoking I don't smoke, I may smoke just if my clothes are on fire (I am allergic to any smell of smoke). - Drugs A drug I use, maybe once a month, is tea (but I am trying to quit). - Drinking I drink a lot: My favorite drink is water from the source. Normally I don't drink alcohol, I may drink a glass of good wine with some food. - Dancing: YES I love to be social and go to dance rock n' roll, swing or funk.

INTERESTS: THEATER, TRAVEL & CYCLING I have "TT" passion, no, is not a car: My main passion is Theater, I love to play Theater projects. The second passion is to Travel (mostly by bicycle)