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I started out as a kid with a huffy brand bicycle with a banana seat, gorilla handle bars, a sissy bar, 16"(?) rims, and training wheels. My training wheels eventually fell off of their own accord kind of like Forest Gump's leg braces. After riding and owning so many more department store ten bikes my friends and I saw the movie "Breaking Away" and decided to get serious about cycling and I bought a respectable road bike (a Shogun). Then I discovered mountain biking (Specialized Stump Jumper) and considered this the only way to bicycle for sometime. During this period I did stints as a bicycle messenger and a bicycle mechanic between semesters. Eventually, I got old and decided to slow down my ride and I started riding beach cruisers (Trek Calypso). Currently I ride a Huffy Santa Fe single speed beach cruiser. I also own a super cheap Magna Glacier Point that I chopped down for playing bike polo. Lastly I currently volunteer at the local non-profit community bicycle shop on a regular basis.