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Born in Colorado. Grandfather was Sihásapa / Black Foot Sioux. Grew up in California. Always with my Dad in the oil and gas fields of the continental US, wildcatting. Private schools. First car driven, Porsche. First computer program at 10, on punch cards. First wife was my college crush, proposed on our first date - wife and son were killed as collateral damage... police chase, not groovy.

Couple years later married a gold-digger, 10-year marriage. Was drilling oil and gas wells with my Dad, wildcatting. Became disenchanted with the oil+gas business and went to the Internet... Interactive Producer at the 3rd largest interactive agency in the world. Ran a crew of 20 and billed $1M monthly to clients such as Intel, Bloomberg, David Bowie, Moby... couldn't stomach it any longer, divorced and left for Latin America.

Mexico, Belize and then Petén Guatemala. Fell in love with the people, history, culture and my Peténera/Maya wife. She brought 3 kids to the party and we had two more home-births - am a grandpa too.

My career / life is now dedicated to permaculture and helping the Maya - most probably due to my Sihásapa / Black Foot Sioux heritage and a lifelong interest in Native American cultures, starting at the age of 8 with a scramble up a rawhide and wooden pole ladder inside an ancient Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwelling.

From Wikipedia’s permaculture entry…

“The word permaculture originally referred to “permanent agriculture”, but was expanded to stand also for “permanent culture”... a truly sustainable system.”

My life now is about 'permanent culture', helping the Maya and preserving their ancient Maya culture, serving the amazing 'naturaleza' of Petén Guatemala and riding mountain/road bikes as much as possible - cycling is my 'church'... Church of the Two Wheels.

If you're ever in Petén, let's go for a jungle/road ride.

P.S. Bob LeFavre was my friend for 25+ years ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_LeFevre