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4 years ago I learned how to change an inner tube with a set of pink Pedro’s. Prior to that, I spent 20 something odd years changing inner tubes with screwdrivers. 3 years ago I built a Surly Long Haul Trucker from the frame up all with non stock parts I researched about, and although the LBS helped me tune the drivetrain on it, that was the first bike I built with a grasp of an understanding of how the parts came together and how bicycle mechanics function. 2 years ago I pedaled the said LHT across Washington state from Spokane to Everett in three days, on two days hitting 140mi/day, previously to this only have had done 50mi/ day. This year I shed a tear and cut into the frame of my LHT in order to splice in an eBay special recycled Gates belt drive. The splice connectors which I ordered from a bike builder fit miraculously well and the project was a huge success. On top of traditional cycling, two years ago I won a fat tire ebike at the thrift store auction. Since then I have built and sold or gifted 3 ebikes. I am currently building and testing in beta mode an electric assist bicycle which, with pedal assist, has a traveling radius of 100 Miles at 20mph hauling 400lbs of human and tools on a charge of lithium 18650 batteries which weigh the same as an old SLA battery pack I rode on the same bike frame with a different motor setup which only went 18miles on the same battery size (Surly Big Dummy, Stoke-monkey). My goal is to spread awareness of alternative energy practices as in alternative to nauseous gas combustible engines, as well as converting my tool trailer into a photovoltaic charging station not only for my bikes battery, but also for peoples phones as well. I am a chef by trade, and I really like the idea of having something called a bike kitchen although it has not too much to do with food. My long cargo bike and proposed tool trailer (something along the lines of an extendable AW96) will be owned and operated solely by myself, offering donations accepted free of charge innertube repair and basic adjustments on the spot where I happen to be at that specific time - hopefully at a farmers market, or ferry terminal area, where I will hopefully get the chance to communicate with people of varied eclectic thought patterns and interests, hopefully more so of the genius variety, whom fascinate me beyond belief.

I want to be insured, and for a good chunk of these tools I will be writing handwritten beggar letters to giants such as Park Tools to see if they can help me purchase a whole master shebang tool kit at some sort of deep yoga trance discount. I do have some tools, but they are not necessarily proper. I want to present a top notch product to the world, nothing less. This will take proper bike tools, nothing less. I have a goal to research, develop, and source some sort of kit or rental setup for folks who are paraplegic for fat tire electric assist well suspended recumbents, so that they can go places such as the beach or into a field, where their souls want to go but nobody ever hears that.

The big giant picture goal here is to use the blank bicycle world canvas as a means to grow and mature small concentric circles of society into forward thinking motions. This is a similar way of looking at bicycles as does the magical and magnificent mind behind Xtracycle. People are blind to the fact that bicycles are super utilitarian and are not only for the ramps at the skate park or the Lycra crowd of racers. I’m promoting commuting, and not competing. More people commuting in quieter ways. The noise of this world has been overwhelming to me over the past few years more so than ever. I’m promoting physical, non cost prohibitive involvement in our communities that almost anyone can achieve. This is my alternative to blowing my brains out.