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*[[Bike Kitchen (Vancouver)]]  
*[[Bike Kitchen (Vancouver)]]  
*[[Recycle Cycles (Kitchener, ON, Canada)]]
*[[Recycle Cycles (Kitchener, ON, Canada)]]
==USA By Region==
==USA By Region==

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Why Safer Spaces are Important!

For many of us on this wiki, this conversation is old hat. For anyone joining in and being curious about the why of WTF/FTW/W&T/Women's safer spaces, this space will serve as a means of understanding the need. Even if every single moment in a bike collective was filled with people striving toward a safer space as best they could, there would still be a need for WTF night because the people who show up couldn't be expected to know that.

the more you do to make a space accessible to more people, the less it will be exclusively the default demographic that shows up and sticks around.

A good page with an okay primer as to why one might need/want safer spaces is Patriarchy and Bicycle Repair.

Suffice it to say that every bicycle space unless otherwise stated is a de facto "boys club" and many femme / trans folks report feeling more comfortable in safer spaces designed specifically for them.

Ideally, the goal is for an entire collective to participate in a safer space agreement at all times.

Community Bicycle Programs with Women And Trans (sometimes femme) safer spaces

at least according to our fine wiki and WTF Cycles PHL circa Feb 2016

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USA By Region

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